La Escuelita School

At La Escuelita Bilingual School, we pride ourselves on open communication with parents. By utilizing the Parent Info Center, parents can get an inside look into the day to day activities of their child. Parents will have access to daycare logs with information concerning minor injuries or illnesses, staff names, emergency phone numbers, as well as evacuation procedures. In addition to this, daily class schedules and lesson plans will also be made available to view.

Our Parent Info Center is here to provide you with the answers to any of the questions you may have in regard to your child’s education at La Escuelita Bilingual School. Whether your child is an infant or preschool age, we are here to supply you with information in regard to parking, visitors, transportation, items that must be provided by parents, and much more. The following information has been compiled for your convenience. Each classroom has a notebook with all our school policies and procedures. The office has correction plans mandated by the Division of Child Care Policy as well as our Health Safety Compliance Agreement.

Our Policy on Infants and Young Children

Infants are on an “on demand” feeding and napping schedule. Infants are held for bottle feeding. All meals or bottles brought by parents must be labeled and dated. All dishes and bottles are sanitized according to DSHS standards. We will give infants semi-solid foods provided by parents if they are between 4 and 10 months old.

Parents provide disposable diapers. They must have at least seven diapers on a daily basis. Pull-ups or training pants will be accepted in the 2-year-old toddler classroom.

Parents provide a blanket and extra clothing. Blankets need to be washed by parents each week. Items need to be the appropriate size to fit in personal cubbies.

Mothers who wish to breastfeed can do so in the infant classroom.

We will introduce the use of cups for drinking by 12 months old. Parents and staff can design a schedule for phasing out bottle feeding as early as 12 months.

Items That Must Be Provided by Parents

Infant Classrooms 

Waddler Classrooms

Toddler Classrooms

Preschool Classrooms

Weekly Show and Tell Opportunities

Children who are 3 years and older will have show and tell on Fridays. This allows them to bring special items from home to share with their friends. We would appreciate it if children brought items that are relevant to the theme they are focusing on for the month. Play guns, action figures or military-type toys will not be allowed at La Escuelita Bilingual School. Those items will be placed in the office to be sent home. We provide sufficient materials in our center that are age appropriate, bias free and that foster positive social interaction. We appreciate children keeping their personal toys at home.

Books, Videos, and Computer
Software Policies
Our Open-
Door Policy
Visitor Policy at
Our Centers

Books, Videos, and Computer Software Policies

We encourage children to bring videos, books, and computer software to the center to share. We have a non-violence policy and an anti-bias policy at our center. We will not allow materials into our center that in any way fosters aggressive behavior or promotes stereotypes. Please bring materials to the office that you wish to share so that they will be placed in the classroom.

Religious Activities

The curriculum at La Escuelita Bilingual School does not include any religious instruction. During the Winter Holiday festival, the preschool and primary students will have a concert. This may include material related to the themes of our curriculum in English and Spanish.

Our Open-Door Policy

If your child is registered at La Escuelita Bilingual School, you have access to all areas of the school facility used by your child. We expect parents to respect classroom routines and that children respect school rules, even while parents are present.

Visitor Policy at Our Centers

All visitors must report to the office. Visitors are not allowed to enter classrooms without an appointment or consent from the director. Visitors and parents need to respect class routines. Children visiting classrooms also need to respect class routine, rules, and classroom materials.

Transportation and Parking Policies

Parents provide their own transportation to and from La Escuelita Bilingual School.

We have assigned drop off and pick up locations in front of our centers.

La Escuelita Bilingual School will provide transportation for field trips or emergencies, which may include public or chartered buses, or staff and parent-volunteer vehicles.

Any vehicle providing transportation must include seat belts and/or child safety seats.

All drivers must have a valid driver’s license, medical and liability insurance and the vehicle must be in safe operating condition.

The appropriate staff ratio will be maintained while transporting children on field trips.

While transporting children on field trips, La Escuelita Bilingual School requires the driver or other attending adult to have first aid or CPR training.