La Escuelita School

Individual Development

In an effort to spur growth and development, our educators encourage each child to appreciate themselves as individuals that are competent of learning all domains, including physical, cognitive, creative, and social-emotional. Our dual language model helps to inspire confidence in your child as they continue their education.


Our educators assist children in learning to recognize and respect the similarities and differences that make their classmates who they are. A focus on peer recognition will encourage children to form positive relationships with others throughout their academic career. Peer recognition and acceptance is a core value of ours.

Comprehensive Lifestyle

Incorporating a child’s interests into their daily lessons and activities will help to foster learning and problem-solving capabilities. By creating a comfortable environment for your child to learn, our educators will prepare them for their future years as students. Our comprehensive curriculum is designed with each child in mind.

Learning Development

Our educators are here to help your child develop the skills and attitudes needed to be a productive and invested learner for years to come. We work to generate an environment that produces tangible results in learning development. In addition to this, we strive to make our centers a place where your children enjoy learning.

Bilingual Progression Cultural Awareness Positive Outlook Strong Partnerships

Our Bilingual Progression Goal

At La Escuelita Bilingual School, our educators teach your children using a dual language model that helps develop their English and Spanish comprehension and speaking skills. By combining both languages under one educational roof, we work to prepare your children to embrace the benefits of learning another language.

Our Cultural Awareness Goal

Within our bilingual school, we help your children validate and respect all languages and cultures represented within our program. Our educators are here to teach your children and inspire them to show interest in cultures outside of their own. Building cultural awareness from a young age is critically important for future success.

Our Positive Outlook Goal

At our bilingual school, we aim to help children develop the skills necessary to resist bias, reject negative cultural messages and develop a positive sense of cultural self within their lives. Educating with a positive outlook can produce results in the classroom, as well as encourage your child to be fully invested in their education.

Our Strong Partnerships Goal

Our educators strive to ensure that learning techniques continue after school hours. We encourage parents to develop strong partnerships within their family in order to meet the needs of their children’s educational success. With a strong family partnership at our core, children can achieve anything they set their mind to.

Welcome to

La Escuelita Bilingual School

Our goal at Seattle’s La Escuelita Bilingual School is to promote the development of each child’s appreciation of themselves as individuals competent of learning and developing in a bilingual facility that focuses on the English and Spanish languages. We encourage the development of another language using a dual language model. Our educators assist children in recognizing the ways that learning a second language can be beneficial in an educational environment.

We aim to incorporate a child’s interests, cultural context, and life experiences into our daily activities in order to foster learning and critical thinking skills. At La Escuelita Bilingual School, we work with children to develop the skills and attitudes critical to being successful in school. In addition to this, we teach children to learn to respect and appreciate different cultures and languages that are represented within our program.