La Escuelita School

La Escuelita Bilingual School began in 1979 and was created to meet the needs of a diverse community that values quality instruction, cultural relevancy, and the addition of a second language. Our curriculum has evolved over the decades and is often used as a model for other institutions. We provide children with a dual language education of English and Spanish. Additionally, our educational environment supports the development of each child, with their home culture and language in mind.

Our goal is to promote the progress, competence, respect, and appreciation of our students. We recognize that parents are the first and primary educators of young children, and our staff understands that there are culturally-specific child rearing practices of critical importance in the development of each child. Because of this, our educators work to establish strong partnerships with parents and are committed to a continuous dialogue that supports the development of their child.

We have established ourselves over the past 30 years as advocates for bilingual, bicultural teachers. Our educators are encouraged to become agents of social change. Our quality of instruction and child care is rooted in the years of experience that our directors and educators have. With an innovative curriculum implementation, the high scores achieved when assessing students, educators, and management, as well as the low turnover rate in teachers and support staff makes us a leading bilingual school in Seattle.

Our Experienced Staff at La Escuelita Bilingual School

Our staff at La Escuelita Bilingual School continuously assesses the social, political, and cultural contexts within which children and families live, grow, and develop. We are aware of how culturally-based social interactions shape the development of your child. Our resourceful staff understands the process involved in learning a first and second language, and are aware of its impact on linguistic and intellectual development.

We aim to establish culturally democratic learning communities in which children are not forced to choose between academic success and their cultural community, but instead develop critical, creative and culturally-relevant thinking skills in English and Spanish.

At La Escuelita Bilingual School, our staff builds a curriculum based on the experiences, generative themes and interests, cultural and linguistic histories, and observations of play and interaction of children and families within our programs. All educators are required to have a Child Development Associate Certificate, and an AA or BA in the field of Bilingual Bicultural Education depending on job requirements. Our knowledgeable staff undergoes annual evaluations and on-going observations to assist them in their professional development in the classroom.

The Qualifications of Our Staff at La Escuelita Bilingual School

Staff members are required to participate in first aid/CPR classes, HIV/AIDS training, anti-bias curriculum training and must have a food handlers permit in addition to their 10 hours of professional development. Additional technical and support services are provided by an Early Childhood Development Specialist from Shoreline Community College. A nutritionist and consulting nurse are also available to provide assistance and training within our centers.

Our executive director Carmen Massó has extensive experience in the field of early childhood education, and holds a Master’s Degree in Bilingual Bicultural Education. In addition to her leadership role at La Escuelita Bilingual School, she is also a published author and educational consultant in the field of bilingual education.

Opportunities for Professional Development at La Escuelita Bilingual School

La Escuelita Bilingual School also provides training in the field of early childhood education. Please contact one of our centers for a schedule of training classes. All classes are conducted in English or Spanish. The following topics are covered within our training programs.